Welcome to Pete's Website. My name is Franklin and I will be your guide for this excursion into the world of cyberspace. If you have been long-aquainted with Pete's Brass Rail & Car Wash in Danville, California, you should probably skip the next paragraph or two and scroll down to "Pete Says."

Pete's is a pub-style restaurant in the area of Central California known as the "east bay". Micro-brew beers are the forte of Pete's along with, some say, "the best burger in the world." Located 30 miles east of San Francisco, 50 miles north of San Jose, It has existed since April, 1987.

Coincidental with the launching of this site, Pete's is serving it's 500th different draft beer. Click on beer list to get a look. Other highlights of PBR & CW are the many customer names painted on the wall of those so generous of their time and money to keep this place going. Each beer ever served is painted on another wall.

You may have noticed a well-rounded face in various parts of this website. It is a caricature of Pete. It was originally put on the menu cover in 1990. Since then over 10,000 versions of Pete's face have been created and submitted to the panel of judges for inclusion on the walls. The walls currently accommodate 100 pictures. One of the many great ones is somewhere on this website. Click on "The many faces of Pete".

Pete Says:

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